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For all the wisdom associated with the classic management trio of people, process, and technology, procurement needs one additional ingredient to be successful: data. It is quality data that powers technology, drives processes, and empowers people to generate the greatest possible return from their efforts.

Procurement often talks about visibility and transparency. Data turns abstract goals into actionable insight. In categories where it is easy for distributed buyers to act independently - like cloud software for instance - visibility also provides procurement with opportunities for improved savings leverage and the centralized oversight required to stop ‘shadow spend’ in its tracks.

In this AOP Live session, Art of Procurement’s Philip Ideson will be joined by Emily Campbell, Director of Product Design & Research at Vendr, and Nick Pinkman, Sr. Cloud Manager at Vendr. As they have seen firsthand, having greater visibility makes it possible for procurement to negotiate maximum savings while making sure the company has what it needs to operate competitively in a digital world. 

Emily and Nick will share their perspectives and answer live questions about:
  • The importance of centralizing workflows for managing spend and headcount
  • The different types of cloud savings procurement should pursue during contract negotiations
  • What data procurement should have in hand before entering a cloud software negotiation

About AOP Live…

AOP Live sessions allow procurement professionals and subject matter experts to explore a specific topic in real time.

Unlike traditional pre-recorded podcasts and canned webinars, they are highly dynamic, and are designed to facilitate interaction between all participants before, during and after the session. 

You drive the conversation and we ditch the slides!
Philip Ideson

Philip Ideson

Managing Director

Art of Procurement

Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell

Director of Product Design & Research


Emily Campbell leads the Product Design and UX Research team at Vendr. Through her career as a design leader she has focused on integrating experience design throughout the customer journey. Prior to joining Vendr, Emily led product and design at Bookclub.com and was a founding member of the Design Transformation team at InVision. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, hiking, and rafting with her husband and two young boys around their home in Moab, Utah.
Nick Pinkman

Nick Pinkman

Sr. Cloud Manager


Nick was one of Vendr’s first specialized buyers and is dedicated to helping customers with cloud cost savings. 

Prior to joining Vendr, Nick spent four years at SHI. While at SHI, Nick managed the AWS customer success team that helped customers along their cloud adoption journey. Nick has a background in creating and executing cloud cost optimization strategies. 

Outside of work, Nick is an avid Formula1 fan and enjoys getting up early on the weekends to watch every race. 


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