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What will the future hold?

Being able to answer that question accurately is less about being right than it is being ready. (Okay, it might be a little bit about being right…) Knowing what will be important in the months to come offers advantages in the forms of aligned thinking, strategic planning, and better cross-functional collaboration.

The team from Zip is ready for the new year, and they have already put their predictions in writing so we can discuss and learn from them.

In this AOP Live session, Art of Procurement’s Philip Ideson will be joined by Rujul Zaparde, Founder and CEO of Zip, and Colin Glazier, VP of Solutions Consulting at Zip. They represent different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that will be presented to all of us - and they have suggestions about what we can start doing now to make the most of the new year.

Rujul and Colin will share their predictions in three key areas:

  • Economy: No one can escape macro-economic trends and pressures, and they will affect providers and practitioners differently. How will those pressures exhibit themselves in each group’s work?

  • Experience: Procurement had only just embraced self-guided sourcing when no-code started gaining traction. Where will automation have the greatest impact on friction and compliance?

  • Business Alignment: The rise of Fintech and a renewed focus on legal and regulatory compliance will change how procurement approaches certain categories and relationships. What choices can we make today to be ready for new conversations tomorrow?

About AOP Live…

AOP Live sessions allow procurement professionals and subject matter experts to explore a specific topic in real time.

Unlike traditional pre-recorded podcasts and canned webinars, they are highly dynamic, and are designed to facilitate interaction between all participants before, during and after the session. 

You drive the conversation and we ditch the slides!
Philip Ideson

Philip Ideson

Managing Director

Art of Procurement

Rujul Zaparde

Rujul Zaparde

Founder and CEO


Rujul Zaparde is the co-founder and CEO of Zip, the world’s leading intake-to-procure solution. Previously a Visiting Partner at Y Combinator and product manager at Airbnb, Rujul built Zip to provide an effortless experience for employees making business-related purchases. He is a serial entrepreneur committed to using technology to solve complex business problems.
Colin Glazier

Colin Glazier

VP of Solution Consulting


Colin Glazier is VP of Solutions Consulting at Zip. Colin and his team ensure each company and team that interacts with Zip gets the best possible product experience from the moment they become a customer. Prior to joining Zip, Colin held a number of positions within Apple, most recently as a procurement leader. Colin’s passion for technology innovation and building stronger relationships with customers is a big part of what drives his work in both his work and personal life. Colin is based in San Diego and is the father of four amazing young girls.


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